Privacy Policy

  • Basic Policy
    We strive to protect personal information and privacy by implementing the measures listed below.
  • Thorough and Enhanced Employee Education
    We implement data and privacy protection training for all employees (including part time and contract employees).
  • Preparation and Enforcement of Company Regulations for Personal Information Protection
    We ensure that our information privacy policies and procedures are clearly set out in our company regulations we establish for personal information protection. Any violation of privacy will be punished severely.
  • Appointment of Personal Information Protection Manager and Enhancement of Protective Functions
    We ensure that a personal information protection manager is appointed and, in order for the manager to appropriately implement activities for personal information protection, that our internal environment is inspected and improved.
  • Improvement of Customer Data Base Access Environment
    We constantly review the customer data base access environment and make necessary improvements to our internal environment to ensure the protection of personal information.
  • Improvement of Outsourcing Conditions
    Regarding outsourcing, we ensure that conditions are improved for better protection of personal information, and that terms for personal information protection are adequately added to the contract for outsourcing, and furthermore, that the eligibility of the candidate is fully reviewed when entering into a contract.

Personal Information Protection Law

Pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Law, we protect the personal information of our customers and use the information only for accomplishing legitimate business purposes within our business activities.
Except for cases listed below, we do not provide personal information of our customers to third parties without prior consent from the customer.

  • When providing or disclosing of certain personal information is required for the preparation, implementation, after-sales services or any other service related to the services provided by our company.
  • When disclosure of personal information is required by law. When prior consent is obtained from a customer.
  • When disclosure is necessary to prevent serious damage to the lives, health, properties, etc., of our customers and/or the general public.